Sunday, March 2, 2008

Therese Carfagno, reporter, speaks!

27 February 2008

This is was an incredible well-attended event. Seems everyone and their sister and brother want to be a Second Life reporter!

[12:07] Cybergrrl Oh: Welcome everyone to Second Life Writers Club
[12:07] Cybergrrl Oh: I'm your host Cybergrrl Oh
[12:07] Cybergrrl Oh: And we're pleased to welcome our special guest today
[12:07] Cybergrrl Oh: Therese Carfagno, reporter
[12:07] Therese Carfagno: thank you Cyber
[12:07] Cybergrrl Oh: I asked Therese to stop by and chat with us about how she became a Second Life reporter

[12:07] Cybergrrl Oh: The rules are:
[12:07] Cybergrrl Oh: If you have a question for her, type QUESTION: in front of it so we see it
[12:07] Cybergrrl Oh: If you have a comment, just comment anytime
[12:08] Cybergrrl Oh: This is a roundtable format
[12:08] Cybergrrl Oh: I'll keep us all on topic
[12:08] Cybergrrl Oh: It is entirely text and I'll post the transcript on the SL Writers Club blog
[12:08] Cybergrrl Oh: URL
[12:08] Cybergrrl Oh: That's it! Let's begin. I will start with a question for Therese
[12:08] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: So what do you do in real life and how did you get your writing job in SL?
[12:09] Cybergrrl Oh: two questions, really!
[12:09] Therese Carfagno: that's fine :-)
[12:09] Haileigh Flanagan: Hi Lexa
[12:09] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Lexa!
[12:10] Therese Carfagno: in real life i'm a freelance journalist … i've been so since i started studying in 1998
[12:10] Cybergrrl Oh: Therese is in Europe.
[12:10] Therese Carfagno: i worked as a freelancer while studying but since 2001 i've been full time journalist
[12:10] Therese Carfagno: mostly freelancing
[12:11] Therese Carfagno: hard to get a steady job as a journalist in Norway these days … but i like to freelance
[12:11] Maxie Mostel: QUESTION: Where are you based, Therese?
[12:11] Maxie Mostel: Never mind.
[12:11] Therese Carfagno: i'm in Oslo, Norway, Maxie
[12:11] Cybergrrl Oh: Norway!
[12:11] Cybergrrl Oh: ;-)
[12:11] Therese Carfagno: i should have said :-)
[12:11] Cybergrrl Oh: I didn't want to reveal if you didn't want to
[12:12] Therese Carfagno: that's okay
[12:12] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: When did you come into SL?
[12:12] Therese Carfagno: in february 2007 … i had my rezday on the 12th :-)
[12:13] Cybergrrl Oh: Happy Belated Rez Day
[12:13] Therese Carfagno: and i came to SL cause i felt it was something i should know about being a journalist
[12:13] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: So how did you find out about paying reporter gigs in SL?
[12:13] Therese Carfagno: just by coincidence
[12:14] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION TO ALL: Who else is a paid reporter in SL?
[12:14] Cybergrrl Oh raises her hand.
[12:14] Trinity Coulter: QUESTION: How do you find and decide what is news in SL?
[12:14] Therese Carfagno: good question Trinity
[12:14] Cybergrrl Oh: Good question Trinity
[12:14] Trinity Coulter: :)
[12:15] Cybergrrl Oh: Echo echo
[12:15] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:15] Therese Carfagno: i do mainly arts and entertainment … like i do in first life
[12:15] Trinity Coulter: come on in Aurora
[12:15] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION TO ALL: Who is a NONPAID reporter in SL?
[12:15] Cybergrrl Oh raises her hand.
[12:15] Therese Carfagno: welcome Aurel
[12:15] Maxie Mostel: I am nonpaid
[12:15] Maxie Mostel: Part-time
[12:16] Trinity Coulter: QUESTION: So you start by choose an area that interests you?
[12:16] Trinity Coulter: *choosing
[12:16] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Were you paid to write from the start or did you write for free at first to build an inworld resume?
[12:16] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Aurora - grab the empty seat - another will appear
[12:16] Therese Carfagno: Trinity: i just felt it was safest to stick to what i feel like i know best
[12:17] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: On average, what does a SL reporter get paid? Just a ballpark?
[12:17] Trinity Coulter: so that way you have most insight into the topic
[12:17] Trinity Coulter: *more
[12:17] Therese Carfagno: hopefully Trinity :-)
[12:17] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Misook - grab the empty seat.
[12:18] Therese Carfagno: Cyber: i wrote my first article for the metaverse messenger in march 2007
[12:18] Misook Oh: Hi everyone
[12:18] Therese Carfagno: they said they would pay me if they could use it
[12:18] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What was your first article about?
[12:18] Therese Carfagno: so that's why i was paid for my first article
[12:19] Therese Carfagno: it was an article on The L Word sim
[12:19] Krosstar Karas: QUESTION: For your SL reporting do you only cover metaverse topics or do RL topics find their way into the metaverse? And if not do you think there will be enough of a presence by RL organizations so in the future the metaverse will be closer connected to RL issues and stories?
[12:19] Therese Carfagno: it was quite new then
[12:19] Cybergrrl Oh: Krosstar, good question. I actually specialize in writing about RL companies coming into SL. I'm a business reporter for SLNN - was weekly but now more freelance.
[12:20] Cybergrrl Oh: I also have a new TV show on featuring a real world company in SL every week. So there is a lot to cover!
[12:20] Therese Carfagno: Krosstar: sometimes RL topics find their way into the metaverse … i once wrote about a Microsoft sim
[12:20] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What are some recent article topics you've written about?
[12:20] Cybergrrl Oh: And I hope you aren't avoiding my MONEY question! THat is an important topic.
[12:20] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:20] Krosstar Karas: $$
[12:21] Cybergrrl Oh says "Show me the Money!"
[12:21] Therese Carfagno: my last two interviews have been about a new gallery and an architect who wants to do urban planning in SL
[12:21] Cybergrrl Oh: interesting, Therese
[12:21] Therese Carfagno: SLNN pays quite well i say
[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Do you source your own stories or do you get assignments or both?
[12:22] Therese Carfagno: i have to inform: i'm an associate editor for the arts at SLNN now … so i actually get a budget and pay my writers
[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh: links to some of Therese's articles:
[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh:
[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh:
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh:
[12:23] Misook Oh: What about articles in aforeign language... are they needed
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: Misook, excellent question
[12:23] Therese Carfagno: the pay in SLNN differs between 1000 and 2500 L$ per article
[12:23] Maxie Mostel: Wow...
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: Yes, they pay well
[12:23] Therese Carfagno: Misook: SLNN is in english only but i know there are brazilian and german news firms as well in SL
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: Word count is usually 800-1200, right?
[12:23] Krosstar Karas: QUESTION: Does SL reporting ever border on fiction? After all is it possible to get reliable sources and information. Actually I am trying to ask if the anonymity that others can hide behind their avatars pose a problem for journalist?
[12:24] Misook Oh: Okay.. Thanks
[12:24] Cybergrrl Oh: Krosstar - Love your questions!
[12:24] Therese Carfagno: Krosstar: that's another good question
[12:24] Maxie Mostel: QUESTION: IS there a Norwegian community in SL?
[12:24] Trinity Coulter: QUESTION: Therese, do you find that most reporters are freelance in SL?

[12:24] Therese Carfagno: i have to answer you one by one now :-)
[12:24] Trinity Coulter: RL reporting is often fiction and spin
[12:25] Krosstar Karas: interesting...
[12:25] Cybergrrl Oh: From my experience, I find that most of the info I get is good because there is an obvious real world connection and company behind the people I interview. But how interesting to think about this extra layer of anonymity.
[12:25] Therese Carfagno: Krosstar: what we report on … i'd say they are real as far as they are real in SL
[12:25] Cybergrrl Oh: Therese, just plow thru the questions as you can!
[12:26] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Wendell, welcome
[12:26] Cybergrrl Oh: Grab the empty seat when you can
[12:26] Wendell Renard: hi - small roof, don't want to land on somebody's lap;)
[12:26] Cybergrrl Oh: Alanagh, welcome!
[12:26] Cybergrrl Oh: We won't mind Wendell
[12:26] Cybergrrl Oh: Or land on the table - a bigger target
[12:26] Therese Carfagno: the anonymity is a problem if the topic can hurt other people … so we have to be careful about that and use as many sources as possible
[12:27] Wendell Renard: thanks
[12:28] Therese Carfagno: Maxie: yes, there is a group called Alt for Norge, and Ivalde is a norwegian shop in a norwegian sim … there's also a norwegian college in SL
[12:28] Misook Oh: Sorry, but i have to leave... RL Problems
[12:28] Maxie Mostel: Really? wow...So do you find your a&E reproting goes both ways then? from RL to SL and =back?
[12:28] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: So how does one approach an SL newspaper or magazine to get a paying writing gig?
[12:28] Therese Carfagno: Trinity: yes, most reporters in SL are freelance … maybe everyone. but usually they have one paper/magazine they're faithfull to
[12:29] Cybergrrl Oh: Bye Misok
[12:29] Almo Schumann smiles: They could ask me. MNN is always looking for good reporters.
[12:29] Maxie Mostel: MNN?
[12:29] Therese Carfagno: how to approach … i'd say just find the right names at the paper/magazine's website
[12:30] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Are you looking for any reporters in your area at
[12:30] Therese Carfagno: and don't be afraid to go straight to the top and ask the chief editor
[12:30] Almo Schumann: /
[12:30] Maxie Mostel: ty Almo
[12:30] Therese Carfagno: i could do fine with one or two new reporters
[12:31] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: So what is the best way to pitch you and what do you look for in a writer?
[12:31] Therese Carfagno: best way to pitch me is to give me a notecard
[12:31] Therese Carfagno: and i look for people that can write and find topics
[12:31] Cybergrrl Oh: Everyone, we do have some reporters and publishers here from "rival" publications and networks. Make sure you check everyone's profiles and say hello. You never know who you might meet.
[12:32] Heidi Heslop: QUESTION: How important is it to have RL experience as a journalist?
[12:32] Therese Carfagno: Heidi: not important i would say … not if you can write
[12:32] Therese Carfagno: the same can be said about RL journalism
[12:33] Leslye Writer: Hello
[12:33] Krosstar Karas: QUESTION: How sophisticated are SL news outlets? Are they basicially edited blogs with different reportes submitted work or do they have video and other technologies? Do you see this changing in the future?
[12:33] Therese Carfagno: as long as you can write you're interesting
[12:33] Krosstar Karas: *reporters submitting
[12:33] Therese Carfagno: Krosstar: i see the SL News as quite primitive still … that counts for SLNN too
[12:34] Cybergrrl Oh: Krosstar - was priding itself in their AP style - very few SL news blogs adhere to AP.
[12:34] Maxie Mostel: I think the technology is still in its infancy...a good time to get involved. IMHO
[12:34] Krosstar Karas nods to Maxie
[12:34] Cybergrrl Oh: Maxie - I think you are right about that.
[12:34] Therese Carfagno: yes Maxie
[12:35] Therese Carfagno: and Krosstar: more and more SL news outlets does video as well
[12:35] Cybergrrl Oh: Krosstar - I know is exploring video. MNN is doing video, right Almo?
[12:35] Almo Schumann: That is correct.
[12:35] Therese Carfagno: i think future reporting in SL will be more sophisticated and professional than it is today
[12:35] Maxie Mostel: Yes. and CNN is really keen on getting more video for its own in-world ireports,
[12:36] Krosstar Karas: QUESTION: Will the reporters have to become more technological savvy and do their own video or do they have other persons who specialize in that so writers just have to worry about their craft?
[12:36] Therese Carfagno: Krosstar: i'm a writer so i hope there will be room for written journalism
[12:36] Aurora Llewellyn: So other than sending you a notecard directly, if we had a story idea or even a story written, what would we do with it? And are some publications more open to some topics or typees of writing than others?
[12:37] Cybergrrl Oh: Maxie - I heard about CNN looking to do more video. Are they still doing it as free iReports or will they pay people?
[12:37] Wendell Renard: question - do any of the the outlets publish short fiction, a la the new yorker?
[12:37] Therese Carfagno: i think the video geeks will find their way into SLNN and other news outlets … and they will be welcome
[12:37] Cybergrrl Oh: Aurora - As a RL freelancer, I always read the pub carefully first and figure out if my story idea would fit before pitching. I think the same applies in SL, wouldn't you say Therese?
[12:38] Maxie Mostel: No, it's still free - no pay involved with CNN - its' just an extension of their RL iReport I don't think people get paid either there...
[12:38] Almo Schumann: / May I say that there will always be a place for good writing. There is something about people that makes them want to read a good story.
[12:38] Therese Carfagno: Aurora: if you have written a story i would like to see it
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: Wendell - you should speak with Lexa Dryke who is here - he pays for short fiction
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: Lexa - that is still correct, yes?
[12:38] Lexa Dryke: yes indeed
[12:38] Wendell Renard: thanks you
[12:39] Therese Carfagno: and Aurora: if you have a look at the different SL news outlets i'm sure you will understand where you will feel most at home
[12:39] Cybergrrl Oh: Like I said, check everyone's profiles here. We have some wonderful folks who would be great contacts for aspiring writers in our midst.
[12:39] Haileigh Flanagan: QUESTION: How do we find out the circulation of an SL publication? It'd be interesting to see how many SL members have actually read it.
[12:39] Trinity Coulter: QUESTION: Therese what do you see as the biggest responsibility and duty of a journalist, RL or SL?
[12:40] Cybergrrl Oh: I think most SL pubs will put this in their advertising section - when looking for advertisers. I know most of the pubs have at least seeral hundred to several thousand readers per month.
[12:40] Maxie Mostel: Cybergrrl...would there be a section on the blog we could upload our profiles, as members of the Writers Ckub?
[12:40] Maxie Mostel: Club
[12:40] Aurora Llewellyn: wow this is all getting way overwhelming for me
[12:40] Therese Carfagno: Haileigh: i agree but i don't know any numbers … not even for SLNN … i don't dare to ask i guess :-)
[12:40] Cybergrrl Oh: Maxie - cool idea. Let me figure out how to do that.
[12:41] Cybergrrl Oh: Aurora - I'll post a transcript to so you can review it all at your leisure!
[12:41] Cybergrrl Oh: And feel to IM me anytime for help.
[12:41] Haileigh Flanagan: At least with RL blogs and RL print pubs, I know someone is reading it.
[12:41] Aurora Llewellyn: thank you. but also it is just all the people and names and the idea to look at all their profiles to know what they do.....
[12:41] Therese Carfagno: Trinity: my responsibilty as an arts and entertainment editor is to keep our readers aware of all the cultural happening that's going on in SL
[12:41] Krosstar Karas: QUESTION: What has been your most challenging story in SL so far or do you find it not challenging at all compared to RL reporting?
[12:42] Aurora Llewellyn: is there a way we can post a list somewhere of who publishes what?
[12:42] Lanne Wise: I suspect you might get that kind of information at the SL library....
[12:42] Cybergrrl Oh: Aurora - I can help compile that list
[12:42] Therese Carfagno: Krosstar: my most challenging stories have been the ones where i've been assigned to a topic i don't feel i know well
[12:43] Cybergrrl Oh: Lanne - Can you give us more info about the SL Library?
[12:43] Aurora Llewellyn: thank you
[12:43] Cybergrrl Oh smiles.
[12:43] Lanne Wise: sure....
[12:43] Aurora Llewellyn: sorry for being the newbie
[12:43] Lanne Wise: I have a landmark somewhere...let me find.....
[12:43] Cybergrrl Oh would hire Krosstar just based on his questions today.
[12:43] Therese Carfagno: and i find SL reporting just as challenging as RL reporting … not least cause i have to write in english …
[12:44] Krosstar Karas: Oh but I am the newbie too...
[12:44] Leslye Writer: thank you for asking that cyber, I was doing the search for it
[12:45] Cybergrrl Oh will try to turn the SL Writers Club blog into a more interactive resource with profiles of writers and SL pubs. IM me later if you want to participate!
[12:45] Therese Carfagno: i'm overwhelmed to see this interest for SL reporting … i had no idea it would be like this
[12:45] Cybergrrl Oh: Therese - I'll have you know this is THE BIGGEST event we've had so far.
[12:45] Cybergrrl Oh: You're a hit!
[12:45] Therese Carfagno: haha
[12:45] Haileigh Flanagan: This is wonderful - like minded individuals
[12:46] Cybergrrl Oh: Have we missed anyone's question? Please repost it.
[12:46] Therese Carfagno: i feel like i haven't answered as well as i should … and there have been lots of interesting questions
[12:46] Cybergrrl Oh: The nature of a fast moving text chat!
[12:46] Wendell Renard: q - i have grad students who might be interested in doing theatre revie...
[12:46] Lanne Wise gave you Talis Cybrary City - Info Island, Cybrary City (224, 166, 24).
[12:46] Cybergrrl Oh: Therese - you are welcome to send me a little summary of points to add to our blog.
[12:46] Wendell Renard: is there a backlog of stories on past theatre events somewhere?
[12:46] Therese Carfagno: Wendell: we see more and more theatre performances in SL
[12:47] Cybergrrl Oh: Thanks Lanne - did you want me to hand it out for you?
[12:47] Aurora Llewellyn: you have done a great job Therese
[12:47] Therese Carfagno: thanks Aurora
[12:47] Lanne Wise: Oh...I can do that cybergrrl....I thought you might want to add it to the blog as well
[12:47] Cybergrrl Oh: Thanks Lanne!
[12:47] Maxie Mostel: Question: Do you report any SL a&e news in your rl reproting?
[12:47] Leslye Writer: Can someone put the Library loc up here?
[12:47] Maxie Mostel: reporting
[12:48] Cybergrrl Oh: Talis Cybrary City - Info Island, Cybrary City (224, 166, 24)
[12:48] Therese Carfagno: Maxie: i once wrote a RL article on the cultural scene of SL … and i've written about Virtual Africa
[12:48] Maxie Mostel: cool
[12:48] Lanne Wise gave you Talis Cybrary City - Info Island, Cybrary City (224, 166, 24).
[12:48] Therese Carfagno: yes the editors liked them
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: i think the beauty of SL and RL reporting is you can go both ways.
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: Each is fodder for the other.
[12:49] Therese Carfagno: i should write more RL articles on SL
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: and get paid real $$$
[12:49] Therese Carfagno: hehe yes
[12:49] Maxie Mostel: There a re a lot of artsit using SL as a platform for their rl marketing
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: To give some perspective, I get paid $500-$1000 per article in real life and L$1000-L$2500 inworld.
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: BIG difference
[12:50] Therese Carfagno: um Cyber…
[12:50] Therese Carfagno: heh heh
[12:50] Krosstar Karas: A vast difference indeed.
[12:50] Cybergrrl Oh: What is the linden conversion for L$1000-L$2500 in US dollars?
[12:50] Heidi Heslop: thx lanne
[12:50] Haileigh Flanagan: Same amount of effort to track down sources, write and edit...
[12:50] Cybergrrl Oh: It takes about the same time to write an SL story as a RL one
[12:50] Therese Carfagno: that's peanuts Cyber :-)
[12:50] Cybergrrl Oh: yes
[12:50] Haileigh Flanagan: $278 Linden = $1 right?
[12:50] Lanne Wise: yes....I are talking about eight bucks...forthe same work
[12:50] Cybergrrl Oh: yeah, do the math for me someone!
[12:51] Therese Carfagno: yes … so the payment in SL is really a joke …
[12:51] Haileigh Flanagan: It's points in an online game.
[12:51] Maxie Mostel: SL reporting is a lobour of
[12:51] Therese Carfagno: but it does get you some nice clothes :-)
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: But I do the SL articles to build Cybergrrl Oh brand versus the Aliza Sherman brand.
[12:51] Haileigh Flanagan: That's how I think of it
[12:51] Maxie Mostel: labour
[12:51] Leslye Writer: omgosh, the search brings up 1500 sites for sl library.
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: Leslye - did you get a landmark from Lanne?
[12:51] Lanne Wise: did I miss you Leslye?
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: Therese - I would not say payment inworld is a joke - it is all relative.
[12:52] Maxie Mostel: Thank you Lanne
[12:52] Leslye Writer: Yes, Lanne
[12:52] Haileigh Flanagan: At least I don't have to buy RL groceries with SL bucks
[12:52] Cybergrrl Oh: I can buy 4-6 beautiful outfits in SL on my SL reporting income!
[12:52] Therese Carfagno: i didn't mean to be a spoiler Cyber ;.)
[12:52] Lanne Wise: have to put it in perspective.....
[12:52] Cybergrrl Oh: It is all relative. It is hard to make real world bill paying with an SL reporting job.
[12:52] Krosstar Karas: Only if you could by beautiful outfits RL using lin...
[12:52] Leslye Writer: Perhaps an SL article could then go outside. Is that possible? Or is it tied up once it is published here?
[12:52] Therese Carfagno: but it's true as someone said … you can easily use as much time on an SL article as on a RL article
[12:52] Lanne Wise: lol
[12:52] Cybergrrl Oh: But you can have a nice SL life, pay rent, buy clothes, with an SL reporting job
[12:53] Haileigh Flanagan: Unless you're are getting the writing gig in RL to cover SL....that's different
[12:53] Cybergrrl Oh: Cybergrrl is very well dressed from SL reporting!
[12:53] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:53] Therese Carfagno: Leslye: my guess is you would be free to publish it elsewhere
[12:53] Lanne Wise: I have published my SL aritcles in RL as they are all about SL artists working in RL...the back and forth works well
[12:53] Therese Carfagno: good thinking Lanne
[12:53] Cybergrrl Oh: Leslye - Each pub is different. Some will not let you republish. Others will.
[12:53] Cybergrrl Oh: Same as in RL
[12:54] Therese Carfagno: yes
[12:54] Cybergrrl Oh: And the SL pubs are VERY competitive with one another. Some are taking a cooperative approach but they all have their competitors
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: I hope everyone has joined the Second Life Writers Club - this is just the start of some great sessions with interesting writers, publishers and editors.
[12:55] Trinity Coulter: most every Linden is available during office hours, btw, if you need a resource, or facts verified, or quotes, but i would tell them its "on the record"
[12:55] Wendell Renard: oops - RL calls - thanks , all!
[12:56] Therese Carfagno's in the phone
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: Trinity - I've found with Lindens, you still have to go thru their real world publicist, believe it or not.
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: They will tell you "speak to our PR firm" if you approach them as a reporter.
[12:56] aurel Miles: that's nuts
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: When I interviewed Jessika Linden, I had to go thru their PR firm.
[12:56] aurel Miles: go to their office hours and use your skills
[12:56] Trinity Coulter: yes, but you don't have to do that for people at the office hour with you ;)
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: And if their RL PR firm doesn't respond, you're out of luck.
[12:57] Trinity Coulter: ask them "What do you think of the Public Works plans?"
[12:57] aurel Miles: i know people who have gotten results that way - what a drag to have to deal with that, sorry to hear about that Cybergrrl
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: Trinity - if you are a reporter, I think you'd be surprised at how the Lindens are trained to refer you to a PR firm.
[12:57] Trinity Coulter: Newbie McNewbington, "Its great and I'm happy to be on the team"
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: But if they don't know you are a reporter...
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: But that brings up ethical issues.
[12:57] aurel Miles: if it's just fact verification you're after, the demographics etc etc are all on the website
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: Exactly, Aurel
[12:57] Haileigh Flanagan: Ever heard of undercover reporter? How do they deal with ethical issues?
[12:58] aurel Miles: and any response in a blog is fair game to quote
[12:58] Krosstar Karas: You can only burn a source once before they will not deal with you again I assume.
[12:58] Leslye Writer: How is Second Life Writer's Club listed in the group?
[12:58] Haileigh Flanagan: Anything said to an avi that is not a business employee is public information, as far as I know.
[12:58] aurel Miles: depends on who you are - good rule is not to burn sources
[12:58] Trinity Coulter: well i would think an undercover reporter is taking on some issue that is morally important
[12:58] Cybergrrl Oh: Haileigh - They deal with the fallout once something comes out. Legal fallout. If there is reason for someone to be mad about what they reveal.
[12:58] Cybergrrl Oh: Second Life Writers Club - no apostrophe.
[12:58] Cybergrrl Oh: my bad spelling!
[12:58] Leslye Writer: ah
[12:59] Cybergrrl Oh: Anyone who is an undercover reporter is usually protected by their newspaper or magazine.
[12:59] Cybergrrl Oh: And the newspaper or magazine has legal backup to know how to handle what happens once the story is published.
[12:59] Cybergrrl Oh: I don't think SL pubs are equipped to handle that kind of stuff. But then again, the stories aren't so probing and controversial for the most part!
[13:00] aurel Miles: i've worked undercover
[13:00] Cybergrrl Oh: Is Therese back?
[13:00] aurel Miles: talk to a lwyer first
[13:00] Cybergrrl Oh: I've worked under cover, too!
[13:00] Therese Carfagno: not yet ...
[13:00] Cybergrrl Oh: I agree Aurel
[13:00] Cybergrrl Oh: In some cases it boils down to legal issues
[13:00] Therese Carfagno: ok now i'm back :-)
[13:00] Cybergrrl Oh: in a few cases, it could be life or death - like people reporting on the Mob, for example.
[13:00] aurel Miles: and contrary to popular belief there are lots of good undercover stories to be had here
[13:01] Cybergrrl Oh: RL mob, ov course.
[13:01] Haileigh Flanagan: Griefer Gangs, heh
[13:01] Leslye Writer: on the record off the record?
[13:01] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Therese - it is about time to wrap up
[13:01] aurel Miles: but the good part is - if you are clear about who you are in your profile, then they really have no defense
[13:01] Cybergrrl Oh: Any parting words?
[13:01] Therese Carfagno: are you talking about in-depth articles?
[13:01] Trinity Coulter: i don't know how you can do much undercover reporting here
[13:01] Trinity Coulter: without getting very close to breaking the ToS
[13:01] Cybergrrl Oh: Therese - we were chatting about undercover reporting - liabilities, legal issues, dangers
[13:01] aurel Miles: this medium is broadcast and your profile should be adequate warning that people are speaking to a reporter
[13:01] Cybergrrl Oh: Trinity - very very good point
[13:02] Therese Carfagno: oh … walraffing
[13:02] aurel Miles: pedophiles tend to be kind of careless about that sort of thing
[13:02] Trinity Coulter: you can't IM someone and then publish their words
[13:02] Krosstar Karas: Unless of course you are trying to find violations of ToS
[13:02] Trinity Coulter: without violating the ToS
[13:02] Haileigh Flanagan: no that isn't publicly disseminated info - I'd be very careful about that
[13:02] Heidi Heslop: Can you if you ask permission?
[13:02] aurel Miles: thank you everyone
[13:02] aurel Miles: i am late - must run.
[13:02] Cybergrrl Oh: Trinity - I actually did that by mistake in one of my articles - the woman asked if I could change her quote because she revealed too much in the IM and her job was at stake. I changed it since it was MY error.
[13:02] Therese Carfagno: bye aurel
[13:03] Haileigh Flanagan: I'd get a note card granting permission...
[13:03] Trinity Coulter: if you feel the 1st amendment is more important you can still publish it, but you might have to face the Lindens
[13:03] Cybergrrl Oh: Haileigh - good practice.
[13:03] Cybergrrl Oh: bye Aurel
[13:03] Leslye Writer: one way to find a Liinden hehe
[13:03] Cybergrrl Oh: Well everyone - this has been an awesome session!
[13:03] Cybergrrl Oh: Many thanks to Therese.
[13:03] Heidi Heslop: I asked if I could quote and it was agreed and I log all chat
[13:03] Cybergrrl Oh: You are all welcome to hang out some more and chat
[13:03] Maxie Mostel: Great info...
[13:03] Lanne Wise: great conversation!! thanks everyone...see you later!
[13:03] Cybergrrl Oh: I have to run some RL errands so will be AFK
[13:03] Haileigh Flanagan: I'd be glad to draft up a permission form template to share. You'd tell the source to mark it as NO MODIFY before they transferred it to you.
[13:03] Cybergrrl Oh: So nice to see new folks here!
[13:04] Krosstar Karas: Thank you for hosting it and to Therese for filling us in.
[13:04] Maxie Mostel: Thanks Therese! Thanks again Cybergrrl for a great session. :)
[13:04] Cybergrrl Oh: Please remember to join the group. I have a full calendar thru April!
[13:04] Leslye Writer: thank you very much
[13:04] Cybergrrl Oh: Thanks Therese - you've been great.
[13:04] Jazlyn Ashbourne: thank you for all of the good information
[13:04] Heidi Heslop: That would be great haileigh
[13:04] Therese Carfagno: thank you so much to everyone coming
[13:04] Cybergrrl Oh: Haileigh - yes, thank you!
[13:04] Ledoof Constantineau: will the session be posted on the blog? or might someone have a notecard to share?
[13:04] Cybergrrl Oh: Session will be posted to:
[13:04] Therese Carfagno: please don't hesitate to contact me if i can be of more help
[13:04] Cybergrrl Oh:
[13:04] Haileigh Flanagan: Thanks Cybergrrl Oh
[13:05] Heidi Heslop: thank you Cybergrrl
[13:05] Rosalind Chihuly: I really enjoyed the event. Thank you!
[13:05] Cybergrrl Oh: And stay tuned for some exciting news about Second Life Writers Club - new resources for all of us to use
[13:05] Cybergrrl Oh: The goal here is to find ways to make money from our writing
[13:05] Cybergrrl Oh: and to promote ourselves as writers in SL and RL

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