Sunday, March 2, 2008

Diana Allendale teaches "Writing Erotica"

20 February 2008

Diana Allendale aka Diana Hunter led a great workshop about writing erotica.

[12:08] You: Welcome everyone
[12:08] You: I'm Cybergrrl Oh and the host of Athena Isle
[12:08] You: I bring writers and experts here 2-3x a week to share knowledge
[12:08] You: This is both a voice and text chat. Diana will lecture in voice so make sure you set her volume so you can hear her. If you don't know how, IM me privately.
[12:08] You: You can ask her questions in text or in voice - your choice.
[12:09] You: Our special guest is Diana Allandale aka Diana Hunter.
[12:09] Diana Allandale: *waves*
[12:09] You: You can find out more about her by clicking on the posters around us and go to her web site.
[12:09] You: As you know, Diana will lead a discussion about How to Write Erotica. I hope you brought your questions!
[12:09] You: I'm turning it over to her and will have to leave in 1/2 hour but she is a pro at leading workshops. So take it away Diana!

There you have it - the text portion of the wonderful session on Writing Erotica presented in SL voice by Diana Allendale. She did give us a notecard with some tips:

Writing Erotica

1) beliveable characters and characterizations
2) Plot, plot, plot!
3) emotions vs actions; you need the balance
4) make sure the positions are actually POSSIBLE!
5) vocabulary (no purple prose)
6) audience

published by permission from Diana Allendale.