Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chat Transcript: 16 Jan 08 - Meet the Publisher & Editor: Concrete Jungle

Special thanks to Fleep Tuque & Kim Siefert for the lovely transcript to today's Second Life Writers Club chat on Athena Isle!

[11:00] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi there - event is upstairs
[11:00] Cybergrrl Oh: feel free to fly to the roof
[11:00] Cybergrrl Oh: of this clubhouse structure
[11:00] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Eris - nice to see you
[11:01] Cybergrrl Oh: There is also a Teleporter on the first floor by the fountain
[11:01] AdventureGuide Sandell: Hi everyone
[11:01] LifeFactory Writer: Hello Adventure!
[11:01] LifeFactory Writer: It is fun to say that! :D
[11:01] Cybergrrl Oh: This is a text event
[11:01] Cybergrrl Oh: Everyone - just grab a seat - we will start soon
[11:01] Cybergrrl Oh: A little slow for some folks but really ideal for others
[11:01] Cybergrrl Oh: ;-)
[11:02] Kim Seifert: Hi all!
[11:02] Cybergrrl Oh: Fleep is helping me moderate because I have to leave in 1/2 hour for a RL thing
[11:02] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Kim - nice to see you!
[11:02] LifeFactory Writer: Hello :)
[11:02] Cybergrrl Oh: Eris is here - she might still be rezzing downstairs
[11:02] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi there - meeting up here - 3rd tier
[11:02] Cybergrrl Oh: as soon as you rez!
[11:03] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Ozzy
[11:03] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Scarlett
[11:03] Scarlett Qi: Hi Cybergrrl
[11:03] LifeFactory Writer: This table with auto chairs is one of the neater creations in SL.
[11:03] Cybergrrl Oh: :-)
[11:03] IYan Writer: btw, fleep, I checked out Chilbo - very nice! plus I found the changing room :)
[11:03] LifeFactory Writer: THere is no limit to the seats, right?
[11:03] Cybergrrl Oh: 40 seat limit
[11:03] Fleep Tuque: laugh IYan
[11:03] Fleep Tuque: Glad you liked it!
[11:03] Fleep Tuque: We're just beginning to expand outside the sim borders.
[11:04] Fleep Tuque: And the changing room.. that's a mystery to me why it's so popular. :)
[11:04] IYan Writer: very newbie friendly, with freebie mall - and I loved town hall, it's obvious that community is the focus
[11:04] Cybergrrl Oh: There we go
[11:04] Fleep Tuque: Well thanks for visiting! :)
[11:04] Cybergrrl Oh: Oh, I need to visit, Fleep!
[11:04] IYan Writer: i'll be back :)
[11:04] Fleep Tuque: The Extropia talk was good for us, we have about 6 new residents!
[11:04] IYan Writer: great!
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: So everyone, we'll start in a moment
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: The magazine's publisher is downstairs still
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: But their editor is Marisca Enzo
[11:05] Fleep Tuque: These images are stunning
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: And the publication is Concrete Jungle
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: I just want to welcome everyone to this meeting
[11:05] You decline Eye on Buenos Aires - Group 1 - Patterns & Greens from A group member named Louis Volare.
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: For the Second Life Writers Group - and friends, of course
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: yes, I think we all want to know about these photos - who is the photographer?
[11:06] Cybergrrl Oh: I've invited Marisca and Eris here to discuss their new SL pub
[11:06] Cybergrrl Oh: So I really want to turn the floor over to them and to you if you have questions.
[11:06] Cybergrrl Oh: They are hiring, FYI!
[11:06] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Goldie!
[11:06] Goldie Katsu: Hello Cybergrrl
[11:06] Cybergrrl Oh: we're just getting started
[11:06] Goldie Katsu: Great!
[11:07] Cybergrrl Oh: Marisca - Eris - please feel free to jump in and discuss your magazine in whatever order you'd like
[11:07] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Ana
[11:07] Eris Alexandre: ok:) I will leave most of the talking to Mari
[11:07] LifeFactory Writer: That is a nice seated animation, Eris.
[11:07] Cybergrrl Oh: Sounds good!
[11:07] Ana Herzog: Hi
[11:07] Eris Alexandre: grins ty
[11:07] AdventureGuide Sandell: Hi Eris
[11:07] Marisca Enzo: hello all :)
[11:07] Fleep Tuque: Hi Goldie!
[11:07] Eris Alexandre: Hi hun
[11:07] Marisca Enzo: awesome turn out
[11:07] Fleep Tuque: Didn't see you come in
[11:08] Coffee Mug whispers: Ahh! Fresh Hot Coffee
[11:08] Cybergrrl Oh: it is a friendly bunch
[11:08] Fleep Tuque: ---=== Second Life Writers Group Guest Publication: Concrete Jungle Transcript ===---
[11:08] Goldie Katsu: Hi Fleep!
[11:08] Cybergrrl Oh: I love Fleep
[11:08] Fleep Tuque: :)
[11:08] Marisca Enzo: awesome well I am the editor of a a new SL magazine that we're putting together called Concrete Jungle
[11:08] Marisca Enzo: and we are looking for writers
[11:09] Marisca Enzo: the type of articles we are focused on highlighting are interviews with up and coming dj's...
[11:10] Cybergrrl Oh: I'm surprised nobody has shouted out "how much do you pay?"
[11:10] Marisca Enzo: new SL gadgets...
[11:10] Marisca Enzo: sim owners..
[11:10] Fleep Tuque: What type of publication? In world, web, PDF, print..?
[11:10] Marisca Enzo: in world
[11:10] Marisca Enzo: and PDF
[11:10] Fleep Tuque nods.
[11:10] Cybergrrl Oh: how is sit viewable inworld? I'm still trying to get a handle on that sort of thing.
[11:10] Ana Herzog: Any backers?
[11:11] AdventureGuide Sandell: Like reading a book ?
[11:11] Fleep Tuque: ThinC books?
[11:11] Cybergrrl Oh must learn more about ThinC books...
[11:11] Ana Herzog: Neo Book?
[11:11] Kim Seifert: I'm not a fan of them
[11:11] aurel Miles: I am curious about your payscale
[11:11] Marisca Enzo: our backers are Total Trauma...
[11:11] aurel Miles: so i'll ask
[11:11] Goldie Katsu: good ThinkCing
[11:11] aurel Miles: How much do you pay?
[11:11] Cybergrrl Oh: If we bombard you Marisca, just let us know!
[11:11] Marisca Enzo: Cranberry Tango...
[11:12] Marisca Enzo: yeah I tad I am trying to pin point each question
[11:12] Marisca Enzo: lol
[11:12] Kim Seifert: Will you be using thincbook technology?
[11:12] Marisca Enzo: and they are flying at me
[11:12] Fleep Tuque: hehe we can let you catch up. :)
[11:12] Cybergrrl Oh: Question recap: What technology are you using for books
[11:12] Cybergrrl Oh: Question recap: What do you pay
[11:12] Marisca Enzo: 1500 an article
[11:12] aurel Miles nods
[11:12] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: So are the backers mostly SL companies? Any RL companies?
[11:13] aurel Miles: that's very competitive - thank you
[11:13] Cybergrrl Oh: Hey, how about we all type Question: in front of our question so she can track them easier
[11:13] Marisca Enzo: you know that question Eris can answer better than I can
[11:13] Eris Alexandre: grins
[11:13] Eris Alexandre: ok
[11:13] Marisca Enzo: I am mainly here seeking writers :)
[11:14] Eris Alexandre: For in world publication, we've not decided on format but there will be a website with PDFs available. The in world deployment is not a big thing, we are even investigating customized methods.
[11:14] Kim Seifert: you said you wanted to highlight interviews of up and coming you have any interest in the live music scene?
[11:14] Kim Seifert: Eris...I do a customized type of inworld magazine and would like to talk to you about that possibly later?
[11:14] Eris Alexandre: As for backers, both Total Trauma and Cranberry Tango are SL companies, very successful to date. and TT is going to be handling distribution and promotion
[11:15] Cybergrrl Oh: oooh, power networking!
[11:15] Eris Alexandre: sure Kim
[11:15] Eris Alexandre: Definite interest in the live music scene, we've already interviewed Novel Popinjay who's picture is available here today, he's the urban rapper looking guy.
[11:15] Cybergrrl Oh: Question from Kim - are you interested in the live music scene?
[11:15] Cybergrrl Oh: Ah, Eris got it!
[11:15] Eris Alexandre: smiles
[11:16] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: Who is doing your photography? Great pics.
[11:16] AdventureGuide Sandell: Kims a star :-)
[11:16] Eris Alexandre: We've also setup interviews with KMADD, and Scope Cleaver, Sintetika sim/club, several DJ's from Total Trauma, and also live performers, the content will focus on the underground SL scene, and definitely focus on the unspoken elements of SL
[11:16] Marisca Enzo: the ppl we've interviewed so far are the owners of "rustica" which is a SL furniture store...
[11:17] aurel Miles: ?so writers don't have to shoot their own photos? that would be a relief
[11:17] Marisca Enzo: as Eris mentioned Novel a awesome dj
[11:17] Eris Alexandre: We have a full scale photography team, writers just have to write :)
[11:17] Cybergrrl Oh: nice
[11:17] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: When will you be launching the first issue?
[11:17] aurel Miles: (I spend twice as long taking pictures for my Herald articles as I do writing, so lately I just write a lot less)
[11:17] Marisca Enzo: gio pro a club and sim owner...
[11:17] Kim Seifert: do you do writing assignments...or would it be based more on a freelance style...submit an article and see if its published?
[11:18] Fleep Tuque: Does the magazine have a general theme? Pop culture? In world culture..?
[11:18] Eris Alexandre: First issue was due to launch Feb first, but we're still drumming up advertising
[11:18] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: Do you have an ad sales person or staff?
[11:18] Eris Alexandre: We actually need those too
[11:19] Fleep Tuque accepted your inventory offer.
[11:19] Eris Alexandre: If anyone knows someone who would be interested.
[11:19] Cybergrrl Oh: Question recap: MAgazines theme? Freelance or assignment or both?
[11:19] Marisca Enzo: assigned
[11:19] Eris Alexandre: both
[11:20] Marisca Enzo: though we are open to any suggestions
[11:20] aurel Miles: ?what about sub culture?
[11:20] Marisca Enzo: lol
[11:20] Eris Alexandre: I wont turn down an interesting article idea
[11:20] Eris Alexandre: *giggles*
[11:20] Marisca Enzo: I am lagging
[11:20] aurel Miles: griefers?
[11:20] Cybergrrl Oh shouts: If anyone is downstairs, we are upstairs on the roof of the clubhouse on Athena Isle!
[11:20] Eris Alexandre: thats definitely an interesting point
[11:20] aurel Miles: interesting centrepiece Cybergrrl
[11:20] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Kromus - please grab a seat when you rez
[11:20] Cybergrrl Oh: Otherwise, we'll just stare at you
[11:20] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[11:20] Eris Alexandre: *giggles*
[11:20] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Lavolpe
[11:21] Eris Alexandre: Kromus is one of the Trauma DJs
[11:21] Lavolpe Kamachi: hello
[11:21] Kromus Korobase: I like to make an entrance
[11:21] Kromus Korobase: lol
[11:21] Kromus Korobase: pardon the intrusion
[11:21] Eris Alexandre: Behind me you'll see the cover
[11:21] Cybergrrl Oh: Where were we?
[11:22] Eris Alexandre: with the Concrete Jungle lettering
[11:22] Eris Alexandre: and a DJ shot, Sensuality
[11:22] Cybergrrl Oh: Aurel was asking about sub culture.. was that addressed?
[11:22] Eris Alexandre: these are the types of photo qualities we're focusing on
[11:22] Eris Alexandre: we want an attractive publication with high end graphics, which we've already covered
[11:22] Eris Alexandre: so content and advertising are the focus now
[11:23] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: How will you market your magazine to residents?
[11:23] Eris Alexandre: Total Trauma is a very large and well networked business in second life, having done such notable ventures as Warner Brothers/Gossip Girl etc....
[11:24] Eris Alexandre: so we're planning promotion through TT, and via kiosks etc
[11:24] aurel Miles: ?I guess I mean, I am not terribly interested in the DJ du jour, as a general rule I have found very little to spark my interest there - a lot of them are prety similar. I am interested in the things people do here that reflect subculture interests in th outside world - like urban infiltration, industrial tribalism etc etc.
[11:24] Eris Alexandre: most of those we interview are willing to put the magazine at their sites
[11:24] aurel Miles: If I wanted to write about DJ's I'd submit to Exlcaim or one of the other print publications.
[11:24] aurel Miles: sorry to be blunt - cutting to th chase.
[11:25] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: How can we get a kiosk?
[11:25] Eris Alexandre: Its totally fine, and as I said this the type of publication where we're willing to hear what a writer has to say, if the article has mass appeal.
[11:25] Eris Alexandre: Its not just about DJ's, its about lifestyle and culture in second life, that goes beyond the eye level world that most see
[11:25] aurel Miles: what do you considr "mass appeal"?
[11:25] Marisca Enzo: there are tons of ideas out there...
[11:25] aurel Miles: I am thinking about a piece on dealing with SL death
[11:25] Marisca Enzo: such as an article we have one writer on that involves RP
[11:25] Kim Seifert: well...honestly I have been looking to put a live music "section" in some magazine somewhere...not a whole magazine...just a section that highlights that part of SL
[11:26] Kim Seifert: is that something you'd be interested in?
[11:26] Eris Alexandre: Definitely Kim
[11:26] Cybergrrl Oh: Business deals flying left and right
[11:26] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[11:26] Eris Alexandre: *giggles*
[11:26] Eris Alexandre: Mass appeal simply means what is interesting to all. From long term player to short term player.
[11:27] Marisca Enzo: I am definately interested in any ideas but we also have some very interesting ppl lined up now to be interviewed
[11:27] aurel Miles: uh yeah - I mean, what is your opinion of what that is
[11:27] Eris Alexandre: definitely a focus on short term players beign exposed to the larger world that is SL, many dont know much beyond contests, clubs and malls
[11:27] Ana Herzog: Any interest in pagan, pagan furry, vampire, vampyre, witch , wiccan differentiation?
[11:27] aurel Miles: I actually did understand th sentence.
[11:28] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: How many issues will you be putting out and how frequently
[11:28] IYan Writer: sorry - "pagan furry"? that is an actual thing?
[11:28] Eris Alexandre: No particular demographic, but Ana those would be covered in the RP section.
[11:28] AdventureGuide Sandell: Do you really think they"ll take time to read,
[11:28] Ana Herzog: yep
[11:29] Eris Alexandre: Its eye capturing, and that is why we're focusing so much much on the graphics. Fashion magazines have such a large audience and they dont cover even a fractino of what SL is about.
[11:29] Ana Herzog: also lesbian trans and feminist cross-sub-cultural interaction via clubs and music
[11:29] Eris Alexandre: Definitely open to the GLBTG community.
[11:29] Cybergrrl Oh: Did anyone's question get skipped?
[11:29] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: How many issues will you be putting out and how frequently
[11:30] Eris Alexandre: Depends on advertising, originally we were planning on a monthly publication and we have the team in place to do this, where I feel we can eventually work up to this kind of rigid schedule. For now a loose format with at least 5 issues a year.
[11:30] Ana Herzog: Question: What is the best format for querying?
[11:31] Eris Alexandre: Querying?
[11:31] Eris Alexandre: sorry.
[11:31] AdventureGuide Sandell: How much does advertizing cost?
[11:31] Marisca Enzo: I have a question!
[11:31] Marisca Enzo: lol
[11:31] Marisca Enzo: are you all writers?
[11:31] Cybergrrl Oh: Querying - when a freelancer proposes a story idea
[11:31] Cybergrrl Oh: Most of us are, yes
[11:31] Ana Herzog: Query is how writers usually contact an editor with an idea.
[11:31] Cybergrrl Oh: some are just friends
[11:31] AdventureGuide Sandell: I write
[11:31] Cybergrrl Oh: many are bloggers
[11:32] Marisca Enzo: awesome
[11:32] Marisca Enzo: I have been talking to alot of writers
[11:32] Eris Alexandre: the format to follow would be to notecard the idea, pass it to Marisca who will then discuss with myself, and the photo team, and we'll ok the topic
[11:32] Marisca Enzo: mostly fiction
[11:32] Fleep Tuque: Blogger, academic, educational technologist here. :)
[11:32] Fleep Tuque: Thought I also work with students who are always looking for co-ops
[11:32] Marisca Enzo: but the two I have atm are fiction writers who are loving the subjects we're covering
[11:32] AdventureGuide Sandell: Hey,,,are SL writers supposed to be on strike?
[11:32] Fleep Tuque: Perhaps some of communications or journalism students could do an internship with you
[11:32] Fleep Tuque: :)
[11:32] Cybergrrl Oh: author 7 books, write for RL pubs and occasionally for SL pubs, blogger
[11:33] Ana Herzog: we haven't unionized. yet
[11:33] Kim Seifert: I am a paralegal in RL and musician in RL and SL, builder, scripter, and nutcase
[11:33] Eris Alexandre: Advertising will range anywhere from 1k to 15k...depending, we ahve to guage how well the pilot mag will do and what kind of response we receive once it is launched.
[11:33] Marisca Enzo: if any of you are interested in writing for us I'd love to speak to you on a one on one scale
[11:33] Ana Herzog: freelance writer and political blogger
[11:33] IYan Writer: (written for RL papers for years, currently infrequent blogger)
[11:33] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: How much are ads and would you consider a barter for cross-marketing?
[11:33] Eris Alexandre: Each each issue will launch with a promotional party from Total Trauma to create the initial hype
[11:34] Eris Alexandre: Open to any level of writers, we're looking for those motivated and willing to work for long term efforts. Lileky when one article is finished we'll give another assisment or accept a freelance idea right away
[11:34] Fleep Tuque: Do you already have distribution kiosks created? (And if so, low prim I hope!)
[11:34] Eris Alexandre: None yet
[11:34] Fleep Tuque: ((the 48 prim kiosks drive me nuts!))
[11:34] Eris Alexandre: Low prim is the focus
[11:35] Cybergrrl Oh: Question: What other positions are you hiring in case we know anyone?
[11:35] Cybergrrl Oh: Everyone, I'll have to leave shortly. Please keep up the questions and answers. Fleep will get a transcript to me that I'll have available on the Second Life Writers Club blog. And please feel free to join the group!
[11:35] Marisca Enzo: feel free to IM me if you are interested in writing so I can get a feel for your style and I can tell you what we're looking for :)
[11:35] Eris Alexandre: We're open to layout positions, advertising, and promotions
[11:36] Eris Alexandre: Also looking for an SL comedian... for a special section
[11:36] Cybergrrl Oh: Lauren!!
[11:36] Cybergrrl Oh: Lauren is a comedien!
[11:36] Eris Alexandre: Definitely consider barter for cross marketting within reason, we're still here to make a profit of course.
[11:36] Cybergrrl Oh: Not sure if she is AFK but IM her later.
[11:36] Kim Seifert: oh....Nad Gough would be perfect for that
[11:37] Eris Alexandre: nice
[11:37] Fleep Tuque: Thanks for hosting Cybergrrl, will send the transcript asap! :)
[11:37] Cybergrrl Oh: ok, I'm off - buy everyone - thanks Fleep! I owe you one!
[11:37] Eris Alexandre: I would say network with Marisca on all suggestions for positions
[11:37] Eris Alexandre: or applications
[11:38] Marisca Enzo: I'd definately like to see what you all got as writers
[11:38] Marisca Enzo accepted your inventory offer.
[11:39] AdventureGuide Sandell: Bye Cyber
[11:39] IYan Writer: .. testing? :)
[11:39] Fleep Tuque: Question: Where does the name come from?
[11:40] Fleep Tuque: Concrete Jungle
[11:40] Fleep Tuque: What inspired it?
[11:40] AdventureGuide Sandell: City Streets
[11:40] AdventureGuide Sandell: ?
[11:40] Eris Alexandre: Concrete Jungle refers to urbanism in general.
[11:40] Fleep Tuque nods.
[11:40] Eris Alexandre: We were thinkign of calling it all these fancy names like VIP blah blah, but that was not eye catching at all
[11:41] Fleep Tuque: Yes I know the term, but I meant as in how it relates to your goals for the publication. :)
[11:41] Eris Alexandre: Really want to mix the serious with the fun, showcasing successful people in Second Life, promotiong their ventures, and allowing the day to day person to learn more about what all happens beyond the big headlines. Additionally we'd like some 'interesting' articles of course, perhaps studies, perhaps happenings.
[11:42] AdventureGuide Sandell: I think it's a great name
[11:42] Eris Alexandre: ty :)
[11:42] Fleep Tuque: Thanks Eric, that's good overview.
[11:42] Fleep Tuque: Er EriS!
[11:42] Fleep Tuque: Sort of like the indie magazines in large cities?
[11:42] Eris Alexandre: np :)
[11:43] Eris Alexandre: Yes most definitely.
[11:43] Fleep Tuque: (City Beat is sort of the indie publication in Cincinnati, covers politics, sub-cultures, music scene, etc.)
[11:43] Fleep Tuque: That gives me a much better idea of what you're looking for.
[11:43] AdventureGuide Sandell: Where the SL world comes together,,,, The Concrete Jungle
[11:44] Eris Alexandre: grins
[11:44] AdventureGuide Sandell: The wild side to the mild side :-)
[11:44] Eris Alexandre: very nice
[11:44] Eris Alexandre: haha
[11:44] Kromus Korobase: Ill take the wild
[11:44] Marisca Enzo: okay as for writers let me give you an idea of what I'd like to see since I am repeating myself in IMs lol
[11:44] AdventureGuide Sandell: woo hoo
[11:44] Marisca Enzo: I would eventually like to have a staff of ten writers
[11:45] Kromus Korobase: From girls gone wild to girls gone mild
[11:45] Marisca Enzo: each covering a certain area of interests
[11:45] Eris Alexandre: *giggles*
[11:45] Marisca Enzo: like rp, fashion, the dj interviews, sim and club owners etc
[11:46] Marisca Enzo: freelance is awesome but I'd love to know I have a writer there since Eris comes up with some awesome subjects and article ideas
[11:46] Marisca Enzo: as she said we're free to anyone elses thoughts and ideas as they pertain to the mag and what we're about
[11:47] Marisca Enzo: we got an awesome photographer and as the article ideas come she take the pictures that will accompany the article
[11:47] AdventureGuide Sandell: Is there a notecard on the Concrete Jungle"
[11:48] Eris Alexandre: there should be, and probably will be grins, we've been so busy with the actual content
[11:48] Marisca Enzo: no you wanna write it :D
[11:48] Marisca Enzo: lol
[11:48] Marisca Enzo: I kid
[11:48] Eris Alexandre: *giggles*
[11:48] Marisca Enzo: definately
[11:48] Ana Herzog: website?
[11:48] Marisca Enzo: I can get all that info to you :)
[11:48] Eris Alexandre: in the works
[11:48] Eris Alexandre: but will be fairly simple
[11:49] AdventureGuide Sandell: Like everything else it's evolving
[11:49] Eris Alexandre: thats a good way of stating it
[11:50] Eris Alexandre accepted your inventory offer.
[11:50] Kimi Ayakashi is Offline
[11:50] Fleep Tuque: Do you have a web address we can refer people to?
[11:50] Eris Alexandre: not yet
[11:50] Marisca Enzo: no
[11:50] IYan Writer: a group perhaps? :)
[11:50] Marisca Enzo: we're just starting up :)
[11:51] Eris Alexandre: The Concrete Jungle group
[11:51] Eris Alexandre: right now its staff focused
[11:51] Fleep Tuque: Also not sure if it got caught up in the scroll, would be be willing/interested in student intern journalists?
[11:51] Ana Herzog: Hey these guys may actually be real.... they have the don't call us we will call you down perfectly! LOL
[11:51] Fleep Tuque laughs!
[11:51] IYan Writer: haha :)
[11:52] Ana Herzog: Chasing the editor is half of the fun.
[11:52] Fleep Tuque: (ie the students would write for college credit, not pay)
[11:52] Eris Alexandre: Fleep definitely
[11:52] Fleep Tuque nods.
[11:52] Fleep Tuque: Terrific!
[11:52] Marisca Enzo: I have spoken to tons of writers...some I have hit up just at random some I seeked...
[11:53] Marisca Enzo: that is how I found this group
[11:53] Marisca Enzo: I am looking for serious writers who really feel what we're doing and can get me the articles
[11:53] You decline J Howards, Second Sweden (86, 179, 24) from A group member named Satyra Singh.
[11:53] Marisca Enzo: there is this pesky thing called RL...
[11:54] Eris Alexandre: Feel free to add me to your friends btw... that goes for everyone :)
[11:54] Marisca Enzo: and it can kinda get in the way
[11:54] Marisca Enzo: with writers
[11:54] Marisca Enzo: lol
[11:54] AdventureGuide Sandell: WHy Eris, I thought we were friends :-)
[11:54] Marisca Enzo: I actually have half an article
[11:54] Eris Alexandre: *giggles* nah ;p
[11:54] Marisca Enzo: lol
[11:54] Fleep Tuque: hehe
[11:55] Marisca Enzo: from a writer who did the interview and decided it wasn't for him
[11:55] Kix Kayamanu: So you're really looking to find full-time staff, not necessarily freelance writers.
[11:55] Ana Herzog: word length of articles-- typically?
[11:55] Marisca Enzo: now that is something I am trying to avoid in the fuiture
[11:55] Marisca Enzo: and future
[11:55] Marisca Enzo: so far the ones I got are1k to 1500
[11:56] Marisca Enzo: I need writers who are comfortable with interviewing
[11:56] Fleep Tuque nods.
[11:56] Marisca Enzo: since alot of it is interviewing
[11:56] Ana Herzog: Wil there be a market for shorter fillers?
[11:56] Eris Alexandre: most definitely
[11:57] Ana Herzog: It is ALL About the interview
[11:57] Marisca Enzo: she types faster thanme lol
[11:57] Eris Alexandre: ;p
[11:57] Marisca Enzo: hehehe
[11:57] Ana Herzog: interview(s).
[11:57] Eris Alexandre: Generally the sections..
[11:57] Eris Alexandre: 1 DJ Interview per issue
[11:57] Eris Alexandre: 1 Live Performer interview per issue
[11:58] Eris Alexandre: 1 Lifestyle intereview for SL business owner IE Rustica / Maximum Minimum
[11:58] Eris Alexandre: 1 RP Short Story per issue
[11:58] Eris Alexandre: 1 Fashion article, we're doing F.A.T. Designs to start
[11:58] Eris Alexandre: 1 club review, sintetika is the one we're starting with
[11:58] Eris Alexandre: we wanted to some letters to the editiro
[11:58] Eris Alexandre: editor
[11:59] Eris Alexandre: possibly a section on SL film
[11:59] Fleep Tuque: Machinima reviews are always nice, so many are coming out these days.
[11:59] Ana Herzog: machinima!
[11:59] Eris Alexandre: possibly a horoscope section with a teist
[11:59] Eris Alexandre: twist.
[11:59] Eris Alexandre: those are the big areas, we're open to suggestion for more
[11:59] Marisca Enzo: we got Sine Waves too
[12:00] Eris Alexandre: looking at 60-90 pages in total with all advertising
[12:00] Ana Herzog: ooh. what stars govern sl?
[12:00] IYan Writer: wow, that is a lot
[12:00] Fleep Tuque laughs.
[12:00] Eris Alexandre: the sky is the limit, we dont want to go overboard though
[12:00] Goldie Katsu: This all sounds very interesting, unfortuantely I have to run.
[12:00] Fleep Tuque nods.
[12:00] Eris Alexandre: np :) ty for coming and taking the type
[12:00] Eris Alexandre: er time
[12:00] Eris Alexandre: wow
[12:00] Fleep Tuque: Yes, we should probably start wrapping up.
[12:00] IYan Writer: (me, too - another event at noon - but thanks, this has been very informative!)
[12:00] Eris Alexandre: i might type fast but the typos are terrible, the lag's not helping *giggles*
[12:00] Marisca Enzo: lol
[12:00] Fleep Tuque: Any last minute questions?
[12:00] Scarlett Qi: Yes me too. Thank you very much. It was very interesting.
[12:00] Goldie Katsu: I typo very quickly :)
[12:00] Marisca Enzo: awesome
[12:00] Eris Alexandre: grins
[12:01] Fleep Tuque: laugh Goldie
[12:01] Marisca Enzo: so hit me up if you're interested :)
[12:01] Goldie Katsu waves goodbye
[12:01] Marisca Enzo: I'd love to speak with you
[12:01] Ana Herzog: yes thanks. hopefully a conduit per connections for many of us.
[12:01] Fleep Tuque: Thank both Eris and Marisca for speaking today
[12:01] Marisca Enzo: mp :)
[12:01] Eris Alexandre: No problem it was great
[12:01] Fleep Tuque: I'm sure we'll all look forward to seeing the first issue!
[12:01] Delia Vansant: yes thx
[12:01] Eris Alexandre: Ty for having us and coming out, its an honor really
[12:01] Fleep Tuque: (And getting those kiosks!)
[12:01] Eris Alexandre: grins ty
[12:01] Fleep Tuque: So just to recap, interested writers should contact Marisca Enzo in world
[12:02] Kromus Korobase: Here;s a story .... what the heck is this floating in front of me and how did it get there ?
[12:02] Marisca Enzo: ao on
[12:02] Marisca Enzo: lmaooooo
[12:02] Fleep Tuque: And interested advertisers should contact Eris Alexandre in world.
[12:02] Julynn Lilliehook: ok
[12:02] Fleep Tuque: (Someone left their hair behind!)
[12:02] Marisca Enzo: I wasn't gonna ask
[12:02] Marisca Enzo: :)
[12:02] AdventureGuide Sandell: haha, expose
[12:02] Kromus Korobase: Story at 11
[12:03] Marisca Enzo: lmaooooo
[12:03] AdventureGuide Sandell: Is it real or is it digital
[12:03] Fleep Tuque: On behalf of Cybergrrl, thank you all for coming!
[12:03] Delia Vansant: i' leave now. thy you and bye all
[12:03] Fleep Tuque: ---=== Second Life Writers Group Guest Publication: Concrete Jungle END Transcript ===---
[12:03] Fleep Tuque: Thanks all!
[12:04] Fleep Tuque: Great meeting!
[12:04] Fleep Tuque: Feel free to stay and chat
[12:04] Fleep Tuque: but I must run too. :)
[12:04] Fleep Tuque: It was great to meet everyone new!
[12:04] AdventureGuide Sandell: Nice meeting everyone
[12:04] Marisca Enzo accepted your inventory offer.
[12:05] Fleep Tuque: Bye all!
[12:07] AdventureGuide Sandell: Great seeing you again Eris
[12:07] AdventureGuide Sandell: And Kim
[12:08] Kim Seifert: Great to see you again Adventure!
[12:08] Julynn Lilliehook: Do you have a blog or anything on the net which explains
[12:08] Eris Alexandre: No blog yet but its all in the works :)
[12:08] Julynn Lilliehook: Or something which explains the mag's concept?
[12:09] Julynn Lilliehook: Who is your audience, etc.?
[12:09] Marisca Enzo: we want everyone to be our audience :)
[12:09] Marisca Enzo: lol
[12:09] Julynn Lilliehook: Nice
[12:09] Julynn Lilliehook: nice
[12:09] Julynn Lilliehook cannot type
[12:10] Eris Alexandre: Fleep has a transcript of the meeting which touches on all these points it would probably be more helpful to you, we have been so busy *giggles* we simply wanted to see what kind of response we could get from writers for our publication
[12:10] Julynn Lilliehook: duh...yes, I should read that!
[12:10] Kim Seifert: please forgive...I need to run also
[12:11] Kix Kayamanu: thank you everyone - pleasure meeting you all...
[12:11] Kim Seifert: thanks so much for talking to us !
[12:11] Ana Herzog: and you all
[12:11] Eris Alexandre: *giggles* np :) I need to get running here, Ill be available in IM throuhout the day for questions, etc.... need to go afk for a few now
[12:11] Julynn Lilliehook: Take my name down and send me those ad rates when you get all set., Okay?
[12:12] Eris Alexandre: yes :)
[12:12] AdventureGuide Sandell: Bye Kim
[12:12] Eris Alexandre: thankyou so much
[12:12] Julynn Lilliehook: Thanks!!!
[12:12] AdventureGuide Sandell: Bye Eris