Saturday, July 19, 2008

Transcript: Author Shares Tips for Book Promotion: Locally and Globally (i.e., the Web) at July 16 Athena Isle Writers Meeting

Photobucket[2008/07/16 12:09] Alas Zerbino: Today we’re delighted to have as our guest an author who can help us with what I suspect all of us want: success as writers.
[2008/07/16 12:10] Alas Zerbino: Elizabeth Yarnell was rejected by a stack of publishers before independently publishing what became her best-selling, award-winning first book: GLORIOUS ONE-POT MEALS.
[2008/07/16 12:10] Alas Zerbino: As a one-woman show, she knew it was up to her to make her book a success, so she learned how to be her own publicist.
[2008/07/16 12:10] Alas Zerbino: After selling more than 10,000 copies of Glorious One-Pot Meals, Elizabeth’s book was picked up by an imprint of Random House.
[2008/07/16 12:10] Alas Zerbino: Now, she shares her publicity expertise through workshops, seminars, as a publicity coach, and on her Web site “Recipes for Publicity: Cooking up strategies to get yourself noticed by the media and online communities.”
[2008/07/16 12:10] Alas Zerbino: Her Second Life avatar’s name is Elizabethy Bookmite.
[2008/07/16 12:10] Alas Zerbino: Welcome, Elizabethy! We’re all ears!
[2008/07/16 12:11] Elizabethy Bookmite: Thanks, Alas!
[2008/07/16 12:11] Mariuch Pinazzo: It's tough selling books. I published my first book last years
[2008/07/16 12:11] Elizabethy Bookmite: what kind of book, Mariuch?
[2008/07/16 12:11] Mariuch Pinazzo: Fiction Novel.
[2008/07/16 12:11] Elizabethy Bookmite: ooohhh!
[2008/07/16 12:11] Alas Zerbino: cool
[2008/07/16 12:12] Elizabethy Bookmite: and how is it doing?
[2008/07/16 12:12] Elle Connaught: Cool
[2008/07/16 12:12] Mariuch Pinazzo: About a young Woman considering becoming a nun.
[2008/07/16 12:12] Alas Zerbino: oh my -- that sounds good
[2008/07/16 12:12] Elizabethy Bookmite: Who published it?
[2008/07/16 12:12] Mariuch Pinazzo: I get great reviews. I print and publish it myself.
[2008/07/16 12:13] Elizabethy Bookmite: good for you!
[2008/07/16 12:13] Elizabethy Bookmite: that's what I did initially, too!
[2008/07/16 12:13] Alas Zerbino: Then you've come to the best possible event today!
[2008/07/16 12:13] Mariuch Pinazzo: Not through a POD or Vanity Press.
[2008/07/16 12:13] Elizabethy Bookmite: Good choice not to go with POD
[2008/07/16 12:13] Elizabethy Bookmite: If anyone is considering this, please talk to me first
[2008/07/16 12:13] Alas Zerbino: Hi Chrysalis! Have a seat!
[2008/07/16 12:13] Elle Connaught: Is POD, print on demand?
[2008/07/16 12:14] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes.
[2008/07/16 12:14] Mariuch Pinazzo: Yes
[2008/07/16 12:14] Elizabethy Bookmite: The pros are that you can do super small print runs -- like even 1 copy
[2008/07/16 12:14] Mariuch Pinazzo: Lots of scams in that arena
[2008/07/16 12:14] Elizabethy Bookmite: But there are many cons, like the scams
[2008/07/16 12:14] Elizabethy Bookmite: and
[2008/07/16 12:14] Elizabethy Bookmite: Amazon just announced that they will stop accepting POD books
[2008/07/16 12:14] Elizabethy Bookmite: except by their own POD source
[2008/07/16 12:14] Alas Zerbino: oh wow! I didn't know that!
[2008/07/16 12:15] Elizabethy Bookmite: Lightening Source
[2008/07/16 12:15] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yep
[2008/07/16 12:15] Elizabethy Bookmite: A lot of people are crying about this
[2008/07/16 12:15] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: So tell us how YOU did it!!
[2008/07/16 12:15] Mariuch Pinazzo: I do better selling author autographed on my own.
[2008/07/16 12:15] Chrysalis Solomon: As for me I'm just here to learn.
[2008/07/16 12:15] Elizabethy Bookmite: Like Mariuch, I also independently published
[2008/07/16 12:15] Elizabethy Bookmite: Hi Chrysalis! Welcome!
[2008/07/16 12:16] Elizabethy Bookmite: When you do it all yourself
[2008/07/16 12:16] Elizabethy Bookmite: you contract out the designer, the editor, printer, etc.
[2008/07/16 12:16] Elizabethy Bookmite: The hard part is getting your book out there
[2008/07/16 12:16] Elizabethy Bookmite: You spend all this time writing and then birthing a book
[2008/07/16 12:17] Elizabethy Bookmite: and then no one knows about it!
[2008/07/16 12:17] Elizabethy Bookmite: That's why I made publicity my focus
[2008/07/16 12:17] Mariuch Pinazzo: I belong to IBPA they've been helpful. It's non-profit association for writers
[2008/07/16 12:17] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, they're great!
[2008/07/16 12:17] Elizabethy Bookmite: You should also know about SPAN
[2008/07/16 12:17] Elizabethy Bookmite: Self Publishers Assoc of north amer., I think
[2008/07/16 12:18] Elizabethy Bookmite: Both of these groups can be very helpful
[2008/07/16 12:18] Elizabethy Bookmite: and they publish fantastic newsletters full of useful info


[2008/07/16 12:18] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: How does someone get started with your “recipes for success”? (What are the ingredients they have to gather?)
[2008/07/16 12:18] Chrysalis Solomon: I'm guessing IBPA = indy book publisher's assn?
[2008/07/16 12:18] Elizabethy Bookmite: The basic things an author needs to generate publicity...
[2008/07/16 12:18] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, Chrysalis, that's right
[2008/07/16 12:18] Mariuch Pinazzo: Independent Book Publishers Association
[2008/07/16 12:19] Elizabethy Bookmite: are the right URLs--
[2008/07/16 12:19] Elizabethy Bookmite: the title of your book
[2008/07/16 12:19] Elizabethy Bookmite: your name
[2008/07/16 12:19] Mariuch Pinazzo: Very grounded with their advice
[2008/07/16 12:19] Elizabethy Bookmite: misspellings of both
[2008/07/16 12:19] Elizabethy Bookmite: and any other URLs that make sense for your topic
[2008/07/16 12:20] Elizabethy Bookmite: You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you
[2008/07/16 12:20] Alas Zerbino: Makes sense!
[2008/07/16 12:20] Chrysalis Solomon: you might want to buy more than just the .coms also
[2008/07/16 12:20] Elizabethy Bookmite: I always recommend having a separate book site and a site about you as the author
[2008/07/16 12:20] Elizabethy Bookmite: Actually, Chrysalis, I think the .coms are usually enough
[2008/07/16 12:21] Chrysalis Solomon: they are enough, until you get big -- Narnia just had to sue a little kid over
[2008/07/16 12:21] Elizabethy Bookmite: really?
[2008/07/16 12:21] Elizabethy Bookmite: Interesting.
[2008/07/16 12:21] Elizabethy Bookmite: You want to make sure your sites are media-friendly
[2008/07/16 12:21] Chrysalis Solomon: problem is once your name is a hot brand, people go reg your names in order to get traffic from people who "accidentally" found them (because they SEO'd your brand)
[2008/07/16 12:22] Elizabethy Bookmite: I think that prob will happen no matter what
[2008/07/16 12:22] Alas Zerbino: /chrysalis, you can click on the poster above the fireplace for more information about Elizabeth Yarnell (you weren't here for the intro)
[2008/07/16 12:22] Chrysalis Solomon: Yep it does. I'll sh'up for a bit now ;)
[2008/07/16 12:22] Chrysalis Solomon: Thanks Alas
[2008/07/16 12:22] Elizabethy Bookmite: Chrysalis, we DO love your input!!
[2008/07/16 12:22] Alas Zerbino: Feel free to jump in whenever you want!
[2008/07/16 12:23] Chrysalis Solomon: ;) I usually do :)
[2008/07/16 12:23] Mariuch Pinazzo: Have to run. Great meeting you.
[2008/07/16 12:23] Elizabethy Bookmite: Mariuch, what are you doing for publicity?
[2008/07/16 12:23] Alas Zerbino: Only rule is that when you ask a question of our guest, please preface it with QUESTION so we can keep track of it better. :)
[2008/07/16 12:24] Chrysalis Solomon: /nod
[2008/07/16 12:24] Mariuch Pinazzo: I'm on Amazon. Lot's of local stuff. You need to be recognized locally first.
[2008/07/16 12:24] Elizabethy Bookmite: The hardest part about selling a book is getting your name out there, I think
[2008/07/16 12:24] Elizabethy Bookmite: Local stuff is great! I always suggest that route!
[2008/07/16 12:24] Mariuch Pinazzo: Book signings, odd and unusual things like speaking engagements.
[2008/07/16 12:25] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: Examples of local stuff?
[2008/07/16 12:25] Elizabethy Bookmite: Local newspapers, local tv
[2008/07/16 12:25] Elizabethy Bookmite: local radio
[2008/07/16 12:25] Elizabethy Bookmite: local magazines (like city mags)
[2008/07/16 12:25] Elizabethy Bookmite: it's often easier to get in locally
[2008/07/16 12:25] Elizabethy Bookmite: because they like local stories
[2008/07/16 12:25] Alas Zerbino: right!
[2008/07/16 12:25] Elle Connaught: QUESTION: Did you just start calling stations and papers?
[2008/07/16 12:26] Elizabethy Bookmite: Then you can use these local stories to net larger press.
[2008/07/16 12:26] Mariuch Pinazzo: Lectures at libraries, churches, youth gather where I get to speak about at topic.
[2008/07/16 12:26] Elizabethy Bookmite: Speaking is a great way to get the word out about your book!
[2008/07/16 12:26] Elizabethy Bookmite: Elle: Yes, you can call, but I like to email
[2008/07/16 12:26] Mariuch Pinazzo: Contract and develop friends in the press. Build relationships with them
[2008/07/16 12:26] Elizabethy Bookmite: keep your eyes open for opportunities
[2008/07/16 12:27] Mariuch Pinazzo: Have to run. Thanks.
[2008/07/16 12:27] Elizabethy Bookmite: my local paper was looking for a food writer, and I applied
[2008/07/16 12:27] Elizabethy Bookmite: Thanks for coming by Mariuch!
[2008/07/16 12:27] Elizabethy Bookmite: best of luck with your book!
[2008/07/16 12:27] Alas Zerbino: Thanks for coming, Mariuch! Be sure to take a notecard & check out the writers groups!
[2008/07/16 12:27] Alas Zerbino: And I'll be checking out your book, too!
[2008/07/16 12:27] Elizabethy Bookmite: Mariuch: what's the title?
[2008/07/16 12:28] Elizabethy Bookmite: Elle: sometimes reporters get annoyed by phone calls
[2008/07/16 12:28] Elizabethy Bookmite: For a while, faxing was good, but not really anymore.
[2008/07/16 12:28] Elle Connaught nods and listens.
[2008/07/16 12:28] Alas Zerbino: The Postulant -- Maurcich's book.
[2008/07/16 12:28] Elizabethy Bookmite: Cool. Thanks!
[2008/07/16 12:29] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: Why are you encouraging authors to look to Web 2.0 to promote their books?
[2008/07/16 12:29] Elizabethy Bookmite: Web 2.0 allows you to get in front of people who wouldn't normally see you
[2008/07/16 12:29] Elizabethy Bookmite: The ones who come to your booksignings already know who you are
[2008/07/16 12:29] Elizabethy Bookmite: But on the web, you can help people find you who may not even have been looking for a book
[2008/07/16 12:30] Elizabethy Bookmite: For instance
[2008/07/16 12:30] Elizabethy Bookmite: Mariuch's book is about a nun
[2008/07/16 12:30] Elizabethy Bookmite: He could join Facebook groups (or Myspace, etc.)
[2008/07/16 12:30] Elizabethy Bookmite: about Catholicism
[2008/07/16 12:30] Elizabethy Bookmite: or look for groups for people considering taking the vow
[2008/07/16 12:31] Elizabethy Bookmite: They might be interested in his book
[2008/07/16 12:31] Elizabethy Bookmite: even though they had no idea it was out there
[2008/07/16 12:31] Alas Zerbino: I see!!
[2008/07/16 12:31] Chrysalis Solomon: QUESTION: Do you recommend explicitly providing marketing material on the chance that it goes viral? e.g. making a promotional "poster" (graphic) and explicitly giving permission to repost it
[2008/07/16 12:32] Elizabethy Bookmite: No, I really don't
[2008/07/16 12:32] Elizabethy Bookmite: While it's great if something goes viral
[2008/07/16 12:32] Elizabethy Bookmite: it's more likely that people will shun explicit marketing material
[2008/07/16 12:32] Elizabethy Bookmite: You'll have better luck if they just get to know you and become interested that way
[2008/07/16 12:33] Elizabethy Bookmite: Web 2.0 communities are very anti-spam!
[2008/07/16 12:33] Elizabethy Bookmite: And they often don't like to be directly marketed to.
[2008/07/16 12:33] Elizabethy Bookmite: For example,
[2008/07/16 12:33] Chrysalis Solomon: sure. I was thinking distributed only at your profile or blog, not something that you go pasting into other people's forums.
[2008/07/16 12:33] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, of course, you should have marketing info at your own sites!
[2008/07/16 12:33] Elizabethy Bookmite: But be careful on blogs!
[2008/07/16 12:34] Elizabethy Bookmite: Just yesterday I visited a blog by a top natural health guru
[2008/07/16 12:34] Elizabethy Bookmite: and there was a heated discussion
[2008/07/16 12:34] Elizabethy Bookmite: on how people felt about his marketing his own product
[2008/07/16 12:34] Elizabethy Bookmite: so heavily on that post
[2008/07/16 12:34] Elizabethy Bookmite: The consensus seemed to be that people wanted to see more than just him pushing his own products!
[2008/07/16 12:35] Elizabethy Bookmite: Others argued that he deserved to make money, just like everyone else.
[2008/07/16 12:35] Alas Zerbino: so you have to offer something of value on your blog, as well?
[2008/07/16 12:35] Elizabethy Bookmite: YES!
[2008/07/16 12:35] Elizabethy Bookmite: Exactly.
[2008/07/16 12:35] Alas Zerbino: Makes total sense!
[2008/07/16 12:35] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: There’s a plethora of social networking sites on the Web – how do you choose the ones to focus on, and why?
[2008/07/16 12:35] Elizabethy Bookmite: And it helps if you review and rec products other than yours as well
[2008/07/16 12:36] Elizabethy Bookmite: Alas: it will depend on your product
[2008/07/16 12:36] Elle Connaught: The extra material seems like a reason to keep checking your blog too.
[2008/07/16 12:36] Elizabethy Bookmite: If you can tie your product into a how-to article
[2008/07/16 12:36] Elizabethy Bookmite: like Mariuch could write a "how to become a nun" article
[2008/07/16 12:37] Alas Zerbino: Right! Like Elizabeth's blog, which is full of great info:
[2008/07/16 12:37] Elizabethy Bookmite: then you can post it on a content sharing site like Hubpages
[2008/07/16 12:37] Elizabethy Bookmite: and send traffic your way through that
[2008/07/16 12:37] Chrysalis Solomon: And make side income at the same time.
[2008/07/16 12:37] Elizabethy Bookmite: YES!
[2008/07/16 12:37] Elizabethy Bookmite: Since hub pages lets you put your adsense account in there
[2008/07/16 12:38] Elizabethy Bookmite: Elle, you're right about keeping interest in your blog with lots of varied info
[2008/07/16 12:38] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: What is Hub pages about?
[2008/07/16 12:38] Elizabethy Bookmite: Personally, I believe that EVERY author should blog
[2008/07/16 12:38] Elizabethy Bookmite: Hub pages is content sharing site
[2008/07/16 12:38] Elizabethy Bookmite: where you can post info for others about your expertise
[2008/07/16 12:39] Elizabethy Bookmite: like a how-to article
[2008/07/16 12:39] Alas Zerbino: Like ezine articles?
[2008/07/16 12:39] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, but ezine articles is really for others to use the pieces on their sites
[2008/07/16 12:39] Elizabethy Bookmite: while hubpages is purely informational
[2008/07/16 12:39] Alas Zerbino: Oh, I see!
[2008/07/16 12:39] Elizabethy Bookmite: Google loves hubpages
[2008/07/16 12:40] Alas Zerbino: :)
[2008/07/16 12:40] Elizabethy Bookmite: so if you were to post your nun article up there
[2008/07/16 12:40] Elizabethy Bookmite: chances are it would come up first before your actual website
[2008/07/16 12:40] Alas Zerbino: Hub Pages:
[2008/07/16 12:40] Elizabethy Bookmite: and then people would find you
[2008/07/16 12:40] Elizabethy Bookmite: Other web 2.0 opps
[2008/07/16 12:40] Elizabethy Bookmite: might be something like this
[2008/07/16 12:40] Alas Zerbino: That's great to hear -- I'd never heard of that site
[2008/07/16 12:41] Chrysalis Solomon: Similar scenarios include Suite101 and AssociatedContent - also both fairly well-loved by Google
[2008/07/16 12:41] Elizabethy Bookmite: appearing here in SL introduces me to all of you
[2008/07/16 12:41] Alas Zerbino: Yes!
[2008/07/16 12:41] Elizabethy Bookmite: Chrysalis: thanks for bringing those up!
[2008/07/16 12:41] Chrysalis Solomon: /nod
[2008/07/16 12:41] Elizabethy Bookmite: There are lots of content sharing sites now
[2008/07/16 12:41] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: Do you have a sense of the possibilities in Second Life for writers?
[2008/07/16 12:42] Elizabethy Bookmite: I thought last week's meeting about WeBook was very interesting
[2008/07/16 12:42] Elizabethy Bookmite: and that might be a good application for SL:
[2008/07/16 12:42] Elizabethy Bookmite: a collaborative writing venue
[2008/07/16 12:42] Alas Zerbino: Suite 101: Associated Content:
[2008/07/16 12:43] Chrysalis Solomon: Those two run their own ads which means you make less, but you don't have to be your own ad manager.
[2008/07/16 12:43] Alas Zerbino: There are quite a few authors who are active in SL, giving readings and workshops as well as offering their books for sale.
[2008/07/16 12:43] Elizabethy Bookmite: That is great!
[2008/07/16 12:43] Alas Zerbino: Thanks for the info, Chrysalis!
[2008/07/16 12:43] Elizabethy Bookmite: I didn't know that.
[2008/07/16 12:43] Elizabethy Bookmite: Are the readings well attended?
[2008/07/16 12:44] Alas Zerbino: Some are. I think it depends on how long the author's been active in SL...
[2008/07/16 12:44] Alas Zerbino: how big an inworld following they've developed.
[2008/07/16 12:44] Elizabethy Bookmite: That could be a valid way to get publicity
[2008/07/16 12:44] Elizabethy Bookmite: if people then went to your site, or to buy your book, etc.
[2008/07/16 12:44] Alas Zerbino: Some authors in here I can think of off-hand: Barry Levinson, Diana Hunter,
[2008/07/16 12:45] Elizabethy Bookmite: very cool!
[2008/07/16 12:45] Alas Zerbino: Linda Kay Silva...
[2008/07/16 12:45] Alas Zerbino: Andrew Todhunter
[2008/07/16 12:45] Elizabethy Bookmite: Elle, as an aspiring writer, do you have any questions?
[2008/07/16 12:45] Elle Connaught: No, I'm just listening and writing down notes. This is very helpful.
[2008/07/16 12:46] Elizabethy Bookmite: My next book is due out in January
[2008/07/16 12:46] Elizabethy Bookmite: and I am already starting to lay the publicity groundwork
[2008/07/16 12:46] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: getting back to the websites -- sounds like a writer had to put up quite a few sites?
[2008/07/16 12:46] Elizabethy Bookmite: You need a lot of URLs, but really only a book site and an author site
[2008/07/16 12:47] Elle Connaught: QUESTION: Could you say more about the self-publishing when you get a chance? About how that is done and whether you'd recommend it for all genres?
[2008/07/16 12:47] Elizabethy Bookmite: the other URLs are parked
[2008/07/16 12:47] Alas Zerbino: Ah -- redirecting!
[2008/07/16 12:47] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, self pub
[2008/07/16 12:47] Elizabethy Bookmite: we like to call it "independently published"
[2008/07/16 12:47] Elizabethy Bookmite: sounds better!
[2008/07/16 12:47] Elizabethy Bookmite: For me, it was a great choice
[2008/07/16 12:47] Chrysalis Solomon: oh who cares about the semantics, what are we a bunch of writers?
[2008/07/16 12:47] Chrysalis Solomon: ;)
[2008/07/16 12:48] Alas Zerbino: lol
[2008/07/16 12:48] Elizabethy Bookmite: even though I really fought against it.
[2008/07/16 12:48] Elizabethy Bookmite: Chrysalis: LOL!
[2008/07/16 12:48] Alas Zerbino: But you became incredibly successful going that route!
[2008/07/16 12:48] Elle Connaught laughs.
[2008/07/16 12:48] Elizabethy Bookmite: Because it gives you COMPLETE control.
[2008/07/16 12:48] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, it worked wll for me
[2008/07/16 12:48] Elizabethy Bookmite: because I took publicity seriously
[2008/07/16 12:48] Elizabethy Bookmite: But most indep pub writers end up with a garage full of books
[2008/07/16 12:49] Alas Zerbino: /aside: there's a SL group called Associated Content that is connected to that website
[2008/07/16 12:49] Elizabethy Bookmite: because they don't realize how to promote them
[2008/07/16 12:49] Elizabethy Bookmite: The key is knowing that
[2008/07/16 12:49] Chrysalis Solomon: Alas: Sweet good info, thanks
[2008/07/16 12:49] Elizabethy Bookmite: the media doesn't want to promote your book
[2008/07/16 12:49] Alas Zerbino: yw, C
[2008/07/16 12:49] Elizabethy Bookmite: They want to know what info YOU as the author of a book
[2008/07/16 12:49] Elizabethy Bookmite: can provide for their audience.
[2008/07/16 12:50] Elizabethy Bookmite: If you can develop a good platform, then you can get a lot of attention.
[2008/07/16 12:50] Elizabethy Bookmite: And sell a lot of books.
[2008/07/16 12:50] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: What are some examples of how you're "laying the groundwork"?
[2008/07/16 12:50] Elizabethy Bookmite: Writing many, MANY articles on my topic
[2008/07/16 12:50] Elizabethy Bookmite: that link back to my site
[2008/07/16 12:51] Elizabethy Bookmite: and draw people in who have many different interests.
[2008/07/16 12:51] Alas Zerbino: A lot of work!
[2008/07/16 12:51] Elizabethy Bookmite: And posting them everywhere from my blog
[2008/07/16 12:51] Elizabethy Bookmite: to ezine articles, to hubpages, etc.
[2008/07/16 12:51] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, a lot of work
[2008/07/16 12:51] Elizabethy Bookmite: esp b/c google will penalize you for duplicate content
[2008/07/16 12:51] Elizabethy Bookmite: so each one has to be original
[2008/07/16 12:51] Chrysalis Solomon: /nod
[2008/07/16 12:52] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: You found great success as a “one-woman show” in selling your book. Why did you decide to share those success strategies with others?
[2008/07/16 12:52] Elizabethy Bookmite: I spend most of my days writing this stuff
[2008/07/16 12:52] Elizabethy Bookmite: Just because I did well doesn't preclude others from doing well, too!
[2008/07/16 12:52] Elizabethy Bookmite: :)
[2008/07/16 12:52] Chrysalis Solomon: It gives the public a "try before you buy" feel when really you're just disguising your advertising
[2008/07/16 12:52] Elizabethy Bookmite: Chysalis: not really
[2008/07/16 12:53] Chrysalis Solomon: I didn't mean that negatively :)
[2008/07/16 12:53] Elizabethy Bookmite: I might write articles on vitamin D when my book is about healthy cooking
[2008/07/16 12:53] Chrysalis Solomon: ohhhh
[2008/07/16 12:53] Elizabethy Bookmite: No, I didn't take it negatively!
[2008/07/16 12:53] Elle Connaught: It seems like you could offer genuinely valuable information.
[2008/07/16 12:53] Elizabethy Bookmite: I'm talking about bringing in new readers who might not be looking for a cookbook
[2008/07/16 12:53] Elizabethy Bookmite: Thanks, Elle!
[2008/07/16 12:54] Elizabethy Bookmite: I"ve spent a lot of time learning all this myself
[2008/07/16 12:54] Elizabethy Bookmite: and feel like I have a lot of info to share!
[2008/07/16 12:54] Alas Zerbino: I think that sharing wisdom and knowledge to help others is awesome....
[2008/07/16 12:54] Alas Zerbino: ...and it helps EVERYONE.
[2008/07/16 12:54] Chrysalis Solomon: /nod
[2008/07/16 12:54] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, I don't believe in keeping secrets
[2008/07/16 12:54] Alas Zerbino: That's one of the lessons I've learned from Web 2.0, anyway.
[2008/07/16 12:54] Elle Connaught: QUESTION: For articles on things like nutrition, is there the expectation that you have a professional background in that area?
[2008/07/16 12:55] Elizabethy Bookmite: Elle, people want to learn from an expert
[2008/07/16 12:55] Elizabethy Bookmite: they want to know that you know more than they do
[2008/07/16 12:55] Elizabethy Bookmite: so that they can learn from you

[2008/07/16 12:55] Alas Zerbino: QUESTION: Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming book?
[2008/07/16 12:55] Elizabethy Bookmite: I think Web 2.0 is about community, connection, and information
[2008/07/16 12:55] Alas Zerbino: Absolutely!
[2008/07/16 12:56] Elizabethy Bookmite: Alas: the new book is an updated and expanded version of the first book
[2008/07/16 12:56] Elle Connaught: QUESTION: So, writing about nutrition is harder if you don't have the degrees etc? I don't know your background.
[2008/07/16 12:56] Elizabethy Bookmite: I really feel like the content of the first book needs a bigger audience.
[2008/07/16 12:56] Elizabethy Bookmite: Elle: you might not need a degree, but it helps
[2008/07/16 12:56] Alas Zerbino: (I loved the idea of the One-Pot Meals, but your book is out of print, so I'm glad you're updating it!)
[2008/07/16 12:56] Elizabethy Bookmite: I'm a Certified nutritional Consulant and Natural Health Professional
[2008/07/16 12:57] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, Random House made me take my orig book off the market
[2008/07/16 12:57] Elizabethy Bookmite: I still have ebooks available, though
[2008/07/16 12:57] Elizabethy Bookmite: and free recipes and videos on my site
[2008/07/16 12:57] Elizabethy Bookmite: Elle: there's lots of ways to make yourself an expert
[2008/07/16 12:58] Chrysalis Solomon: QUESTION: I'd like to hear how ebooks are doing for you, how significant a part of your offering do you make of them?
[2008/07/16 12:58] Elizabethy Bookmite: you can host workshops, write articles, etc.
[2008/07/16 12:58] Elizabethy Bookmite: Chrysalis: My ebook sales go up and down
[2008/07/16 12:58] Alas Zerbino: Elizabeth's one-pot meals site:
[2008/07/16 12:58] Elizabethy Bookmite: But I do get questions from people overseas who prefer ebooks
[2008/07/16 12:58] Elizabethy Bookmite: and, I like to use my ebooks to target niche audiences
[2008/07/16 12:59] Elizabethy Bookmite: that are too small to hit with a regular book
[2008/07/16 12:59] Chrysalis Solomon: /nod
[2008/07/16 12:59] Elizabethy Bookmite: For me, that means: Glorious One-Pot Kids meals
[2008/07/16 12:59] Elizabethy Bookmite: Glorious One-Pot Zucchini-lovers Meals, etc.
[2008/07/16 12:59] Elizabethy Bookmite: This summer I'll have out
[2008/07/16 12:59] Elizabethy Bookmite: Glorious One-Pot Kosher Meals
[2008/07/16 12:59] Elizabethy Bookmite: Glorious One-Pot Vegetarian Meals
[2008/07/16 12:59] Elizabethy Bookmite: See what I mean?
[2008/07/16 13:00] Chrysalis Solomon: /nod
[2008/07/16 13:00] Elle Connaught: Oh what a good idea
[2008/07/16 13:00] Elizabethy Bookmite: Now I can target the vegetarians online
[2008/07/16 13:00] Alas Zerbino: So all those add-ons are really enriching your total offerings -- and thus total income, it sounds like.
[2008/07/16 13:00] Elizabethy Bookmite: whereas they might not have been that interested in just one-pot meals
[2008/07/16 13:00] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, it's all about expanding your lines of income! :)
[2008/07/16 13:00] Alas Zerbino: Well, I can't believe it, but our hour's up already.
[2008/07/16 13:00] Chrysalis Solomon: Arrrgh
[2008/07/16 13:01] Alas Zerbino: You can stay here as long as you want
[2008/07/16 13:01] Alas Zerbino: but one of my jobs is timekeeper! :)
[2008/07/16 13:01] Chrysalis Solomon: I'm glad I came, Elizabethy your comments were good stuff :)
[2008/07/16 13:01] Elizabethy Bookmite: This has been fun!
[2008/07/16 13:01] Elle Connaught: Thank you for coming to talk with us Elizabethy!
[2008/07/16 13:01] Alas Zerbino: It's been wonderful!
[2008/07/16 13:01] Elizabethy Bookmite: Thanks for coming to the meeting!
[2008/07/16 13:01] Alas Zerbino: Thanks you so much, Elizabeth!!
[2008/07/16 13:01] Elizabethy Bookmite: And Alas, thanks for having me!
[2008/07/16 13:01] Alas Zerbino: Next Wednesday, July 23, our guests at the Athena Isle Writers meeting will be Janet & Greta Podleski, the “sister act” that wrote the bestselling cookbooks, "Looneyspoons," "Crazy Plates" (a finalist for the James Beard Foundation Cookbook Awards) and their latest, "Eat, Shrink & Be Merry!" They are also monthly columnists for Canada's No. 1 magazine, Reader's Digest, and were voted into "Canada’s Top 40 Under 40" in 2000. The sisters and their inspirational, self-publishing success story have been featured on dozens of national TV programs, as well as on hundreds of radio shows, and in magazines and newspapers across North America. Their website:
[2008/07/16 13:02] Chrysalis Solomon: Elizabeth, if you have time, how important in retrospect would you say it has been for your continued stable income, to have diversified into ebooks and article sites like you did?
[2008/07/16 13:02] Alas Zerbino: It was my real pleasure, Elizabethy!!
[2008/07/16 13:02] Elizabethy Bookmite: Sure, Chrysalis
[2008/07/16 13:02] Alas Zerbino: I learned a lot from you ... as well as from perusing your websites earlier!
[2008/07/16 13:02] Alas Zerbino: I encourage everyone to check them out -- great models for what we writers need to do!
[2008/07/16 13:02] Chrysalis Solomon: Alas: Thanks for organizing this
[2008/07/16 13:03] Alas Zerbino: Thank YOU for coming, Chrysalis!
[2008/07/16 13:03] Elle Connaught: Yes, thanks for this, Alas :)
[2008/07/16 13:03] Alas Zerbino: And thanks so much Elle -- great to see you here!
[2008/07/16 13:03] Alas Zerbino: And Mariuch -- thanks for coming and for your information!
[2008/07/16 13:03] Elizabethy Bookmite: Hang on Chrysalis, and I'll answer when we're done
[2008/07/16 13:03] Chrysalis Solomon: Yep
[2008/07/16 13:03] Alas Zerbino: So, we're officially done, but stay as long as you want!
[2008/07/16 13:03] Elizabethy Bookmite: Thanks, Alas!!
[2008/07/16 13:04] Elizabethy Bookmite: Chrysalis: At the minimum, having e-books boosted my fee per sale on my site
[2008/07/16 13:04] Elizabethy Bookmite: people would buy a regular book and then a few ebooks, too
[2008/07/16 13:04] Elizabethy Bookmite: now that I don't have a regular book until Jan
[2008/07/16 13:04] Elizabethy Bookmite: at least I still have something to sell :)
[2008/07/16 13:05] Chrysalis Solomon: So when Random House hit you with that need to take your book off shelves, your ebooks and whatnot suddenly became your meat and potatos?
[2008/07/16 13:05] Elizabethy Bookmite: In terms of diversifying your products
[2008/07/16 13:05] Chrysalis Solomon: Yet another reason to indy-publish :)
[2008/07/16 13:06] Elizabethy Bookmite: I always recommend people should create information products to sell
[2008/07/16 13:06] Elizabethy Bookmite: they are fairly easy and cheap to create
[2008/07/16 13:06] Elizabethy Bookmite: and you can keep selling them over and over
[2008/07/16 13:06] Elizabethy Bookmite: and you don't have to warehouse them in your garage!!
[2008/07/16 13:06] Chrysalis Solomon: Yep most word processors can save as a PDF now, including some good free ones.
[2008/07/16 13:06] Elizabethy Bookmite: Yes, that's really all you need
[2008/07/16 13:06] Elizabethy Bookmite: although
[2008/07/16 13:07] Elizabethy Bookmite: a good product might be an online course
[2008/07/16 13:07] Elizabethy Bookmite: delivered by autoresponder
[2008/07/16 13:07] Elizabethy Bookmite: that is set up through your shopping cart
[2008/07/16 13:07] Elizabethy Bookmite: There are tons of different info products
[2008/07/16 13:07] Alas Zerbino: Elizabethy, I have a quick question, when you get a chance -- if you don't mind.
[2008/07/16 13:07] Elizabethy Bookmite: yes, Alas?
[2008/07/16 13:08] Alas Zerbino: When you link to another blog or website on your own site, do you send that other site a note saying you've linked to it?
[2008/07/16 13:08] Elizabethy Bookmite: It's a good idea to do a trackback, so they know
[2008/07/16 13:08] Elizabethy Bookmite: however, if they're signed up for Google Alerts they should know anyway
[2008/07/16 13:08] Alas Zerbino: Thanks!
[2008/07/16 13:09] Elizabethy Bookmite: A good policy is to try to comment directly on other people's blogs
[2008/07/16 13:09] Chrysalis Solomon: Yeah I haven't used Google Webmaster Tools yet, that's my industry and I didn't even know that :)
[2008/07/16 13:09] Elizabethy Bookmite: when they write about stuff you like
[2008/07/16 13:09] Elizabethy Bookmite: LOVE Google Alerts!
[2008/07/16 13:09] Elizabethy Bookmite: And it's free!
[2008/07/16 13:09] Elizabethy Bookmite: Also love google analytics
[2008/07/16 13:09] Elizabethy Bookmite: Everyone should use both of those
[2008/07/16 13:09] Alas Zerbino: yes, -- analytics is great!
[2008/07/16 13:10] Elizabethy Bookmite: Any other questions I can answer while I'm here?
[2008/07/16 13:10] Elizabethy Bookmite: Great.
[2008/07/16 13:10] Alas Zerbino: You've been so wonderful! Thank you so much!
[2008/07/16 13:10] Elizabethy Bookmite: The last thing I want to say is, Alas: I love your dress!
[2008/07/16 13:10] Chrysalis Solomon: I think we could keep you busy as long as you wanted to stick around LOL
[2008/07/16 13:10] Alas Zerbino: Oh, thanks!!
[2008/07/16 13:11] Alas Zerbino: :)
[2008/07/16 13:11] Elizabethy Bookmite: Unfortunately, I've got to go pick up my kiddies at preschool soon
[2008/07/16 13:11] Chrysalis Solomon: :)
[2008/07/16 13:11] Elle Connaught: Thanks again everyone :)
[2008/07/16 13:11] Chrysalis Solomon: Thanks again Elizabeth and Alas
[2008/07/16 13:11] Elizabethy Bookmite: Hope to see you all again in SL or outworld!

Note from Alas: The Athena Isle Writers meetings are always informative and fun! Check one out sometime! Also, if you're interested in more about the Second Life writing community, check out my blog,


Made in DNA said...

nice, but this needs some serious clean up to keep it to the point. it would be nice to get the information needed without having to read the extraneous chat and time stamps.

Joan Kremer said...

Hi Made in DNA,

Your point is well-taken! We post the transcripts mainly for those who couldn't make it to the meeting itself.

If there was a quick, easy way to strip the time stamps and extraneous chat, I'd certainly do that! Unfortunately, this is a volunteer position and I don't have time to clean it up.

If anyone has suggestions, I'm wide open to them!!!